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You’re looking for:

  • An agency with a flawless business reputation on which you can build your own success.
  • An entrepreneurial environment that focuses excellence. Like us, you live by the motto: “If you’re not moving forward you’re falling behind.”
  • A close-knit workplace with a team that’s like a family; one that has fun together, helps one another, rolls up its sleeves, and is always there for each other.

You enjoy:

  • Sharing information and expertise with colleagues. You are a fan of teamwork
  • Winning, pushing yourself, making a difference. You thrive on competition and challenge.
  • Working within a team. Learning from colleagues but also inspiring them.
  • People and concrete results.
  • Advancing and improving, even through your failures.
  • Learning new software and platforms, including social media.

We’re looking for:

  • People with qualities that reflect our values. In a nutshell: impeccable integrity, good listening skills, good spoken and written communication skills, perseverance, ability to adapt, reliability, comfortable being judged and evaluated by others, ability to analyze and question one’s work, time management skills…
  • In addition to having a diploma in real estate brokerage, some entrepreneurial experience, which is in our DNA.
  • People who appreciate ongoing training because they want to be the best at what they do.

We offer:

  • A high income thanks to our above-average sales volume compared to conventional brokers, and all sales-associated costs covered by REALTA.
  • An impressive pool of potential buyers and sellers, notably through a redistribution of calls from new customers.
  • Task delegation that allows brokers to focus on closing sales and developing new business, thanks to our administrative and technical team.
  • Continuous personal support thanks to our collegial approach, as well as mentoring by François Bissonnette.
  • A unique work environment.

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