A World of Choices

“I can’t live without you…”

Know that song? Our customers are our reason for being. You determine our efforts and approach. For us, it’s self-evident. After all, without you, we wouldn’t have much reason to exist.

Crystal clear

Your comments leave no trace of doubt: in our age of the Internet, the “self” and “tailored” services, you want added value, personalized service and a multi-platform presence. It just so happens that REALTA has long led this trend. After all, we boast a forward-thinking vision.

Feeling stressed?

Do you find buying or selling a home stressful? You’re not alone. What you need is a de-stresser: a warm welcome, a friendly and functional environment, the combined expertise of our team of brokers, along with methodical, reassuring—and even soothing—professional guidance. The best antidote?

“All for one and one for all”

Just like the three musketeers (except there are more than four people on our team!). Since we work as a team, you not only benefit from a dedicated broker, but also from the combined expertise of all our brokers. There is always someone at the office who is able to answer your questions right away. The “one” is you. A simple recognition that today’s consumer is an informed and active participant in the process. You automatically become a key player on our team. We work together. Hand in hand. Main dans la main. Mano a mano. Mano nella mano.

“Plenty of fish in the sea”

Opportunities are everywhere. The trick is knowing where to find them! This is where we excel. But don’t take our word for it: Statistics from the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board show that year after year, REALTA brokers close approximately two times more sales than other brokers in the greater Montreal region—and four times their total volume.

The two go hand in hand!

Are you willing to sacrifice quality for efficiency? Or vice-versa? Of course not. After all, what good is one without the other? But how can you be sure to get both? At the end of every transaction, REALTA customers are asked to evaluate the agency’s work in detail through a quality survey conducted by an independent organization. Our satisfaction rating to date is 4.94 out of 5—one of the highest scores in the industry. Perfection may be impossible, but that’s not stopping us from trying to close that “0.6” gap…

The apple of our eyes

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story. Ask the Warren Buffetts of this world who have succeeded in business: a business first and foremost sets itself apart through its reputation, and it must protect this reputation relentlessly. The great Oracle of Omaha should know. From day-one, REALTA has always focused on respect, impeccable ethics, modernity and efficiency. And not by sheer coincidence. Every member on our team is committed to our community and profession. For our customers, it’s a guarantee of credibility and security.

A trail of crumbs

How do you find your way through the maze that is a real estate transaction? What is the market currently doing? What documents are needed? How do you properly evaluate and position your home? How do you promote it? What is the best negotiating strategy? What are the best advertising tools for your specific case? You literally need a road map. Which is why designed a guide for our clients that details every step in the process. With us, there’s no danger of losing your way.


Our specialty? All types of properties, both residential and commercial, and for all purposes: purchase, sale, rental, or marketing of real estate projects.

Our approach? Meeting all your needs: from fully understanding your preferences to the legal closing of the transaction, along with all the steps involved in researching, visiting (both virtual and in person) and marketing on various platforms.

Our role? To reconcile your personal preferences, needs and financial resources in a realistic manner.

All under one roof.

** ** **

Numbers can also be very telling: 40% of new REALTA customers have been recommended by our former or current customers. Experience the REALTA approach and you will understand why our customers are our best ambassadors.

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