Selling houses or condos in Montréal

Looking to sell a residential property or an income property? Having the expertise of a REALTA real estate broker will be of great help.

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Residential property | Income property

Selling a residential property

Looking to sell your property? This type of transaction is often synonymous with legal, financial and commercial complexities.

When you team up with a REALTA broker:

  • You will get a real sense of the market and will be able to better determine the market value of your property. This will greatly increase your chances of making a quick sale.
  • You will truly understand what buyers are looking for in your neighbourhood and in properties similar to your own.
  • You will benefit from the MLS® Multiple Listing Service® database that is exclusive to members of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board. This powerful tool contains complete, updated information on properties for sale.
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By choosing to work with a REALTA broker :

  • You will profit from successful marketing strategies and original advertising.
  • You will have the assurance that all visits, follow-ups and analysis will be done efficiently and with respect.
  • You will avoid the many headaches related to the financial, legal and technical decisions that need to be made. You will be able to count on your broker to assemble the legal documents and to accompany you to the notary.

Our brokers are there for you. Rely on their expertise to make it through the many stages of this important transaction with complete peace of mind. Achieve your goals stress-free with a professional by your side every step of the way.

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Selling an income property

When it comes to selling an income property, it’s wise to determine its profitability.

Owners, managers, lenders and investors all juggle performance ratios to determine the exact nature of their investment. To help its clients analyze a property’s profitability, our team has developed a precise report that instantly verifies all the ratios recognized by the industry as well as by the banks.

This report is an indispensable tool when it comes to convincing a potential buyer to purchase your building.

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To market your property, the REALTA team offers:

  • Evaluation of market value
  • Project development for your property
  • Financial forecasts for the next 5 years
  • Financial analysis, including rate of resale return, and amortization schedule
  • Profitability analysis through the calculation of performance ratios
  • Marketing of the property
  • A detailed listing that includes colour photos, advertising, etc.
  • Contract negotiations
  • Writing the promise to purchase
  • Negotiating with the potential buyer
  • Fulfilling inspection conditions, rents and financing
  • The listing, including colour photos of the property
  • Advertising
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