inforealta Vol. 8 | no 2 Urban Real Estate Legend

19 August 2016


Urban Real Estate Legend:
Foreign Buyers Are Invading Montreal!

Let’s stick to the facts. According to a recent study by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, only 0.9% of all residential properties sold in Greater Montreal in 2015 were purchased by foreign buyers. That’s less than 1%! In other words, 99 out of 100 buyers were from Canada. And the vast majority of these buyers were from Montreal itself, where a reputable agency like REALTA is firmly established.

So there you have it. Another urban real estate legend debunked by the facts – undermining in the same swoop the argument put forth by so-called “international” agencies that they alone can help you profit from this foreign buying frenzy.

The CMHC study also revealed us that Montreal’s few foreign investors are not more numerous when it comes to sales of recent condominium or larger building, either. Speculation (the rapid resale of a property in less than a year) is also just as rare among foreign buyers as it is among local buyers.

The conclusion is clear: to sell a residential property in Greater Montreal, you have to know local buyers and be able to reach them. And that takes time and experience. This is precisely REALTA’s bread and butter – our trademark and main area of expertise.

Come and see us. It would be our pleasure to give you a demonstration of what we have to offer.

François Bissonnette


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