Sébastien Vallée

real estate broker | [email protected]
Helping others is a big part of Sébastien’s approach to work. He especially enjoys that magical moment when he helps customers find their dream home. He likes superheroes, cooking and the occasional fine scotch… once the kids have gone to bed.

Sébastien became a real estate broker in 2010 and has since made his mark within REALTA.

His approach can be aptly summed in three words: listening, tenacity, and diligence. Not surprising, really, for someone with a master’s degree in psychology. Working as a real estate broker allows him to work with others, to listen to their needs and to guide them through an important stage of their lives. As a broker, Sébastien applies the same discipline and perseverance he gained while training and competing in half-marathons and triathlons.

Now a seasoned professional, Sébastien quickly earns the trust of clients with his remarkable track record… and contagious sense of humour. He especially enjoys those magical moments when he helps his clients find the home of their dreams.

  • Spoken languages: French and English