Anne-Marie Martino

real estate broker | [email protected]
Anne-Marie is a highly esteemed broker who also handles the agency’s marketing activities. She is our go-to person; a goldmine of information and experience. She is always available for everyone. The epitome of energy. Her secret passion (which isn’t so secret anymore)? Browsing through dictionaries. Her love of words knows no bounds.

Anne-Marie became a real estate broker in 2002 and immediately joined François Bissonnette’s team. She also helped to found REALTA in 2008.

Anne-Marie’s career has always centered on sales, marketing, and high-level customer service. So it’s only logical that she oversees these activities at REALTA. In her role as broker, Anne-Marie excels at developing sales and marketing strategies. She’s the team’s go-to person for support and guidance, and she personifies the agency’s values ​​with enthusiasm and conviction.

Anne-Marie is also born entrepreneur who started her own wholesale fashion agency at the young age of 20. For over 15 years she was associated with a prolific Montreal designer. Anne-Marie later went on to manage sales teams for international fashion companies.

Both the REALTA team and its clients benefit from Anne-Marie’s unique experience and skillset.

• Spoken languages: French and English

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