I founded REALTA in January 2008 with a clear promise: to take a truly different and modern approach to real estate brokerage. By offering real estate services that reflect the new technological, social and cultural reality of clients. By introducing our needs as our raison d’être. That’s our brand image. And the secret to our success.

The François Bissonnette Certification

Our values are not merely theoretical; they are reflected in our unique approach and know-how. And each of our interrelated values is linked to a specific behaviour or unique expertise. Together, these values make up our guarantee: the François Bissonnette certification.


REALTA brokers inspire trust and honour their profession through their integrity and loyal conduct.


To succeed in our increasingly complex regulatory environment, REALTA brokers emphasize teamwork and information sharing.

Ability to listen

Knowing how to listen allows REALTA brokers to understand the customers’ goals and truly take their interests to heart.


REALTA brokers do not wait around for things to happen; they take the lead by proposing ideas and proactively initiating action.

Emotional intelligence

REALTA brokers understand human behaviour and interact skillfully with colleagues and customers to handle delicate situations with tact.


REALTA brokers stand apart for their astute actions guided by logic. They are extremely demanding and strive for perfection in everything they do.


REALTA brokers have a thorough understanding of all aspects of real estate, which enables them to properly guide customers through every step of the transaction.

Communication skills

REALTA brokers embrace modern communication tools and know how to express themselves in a clear and straightforward manner, both when writing and speaking.

Willingness to learn

REALTA brokers are open to learning new things and are continuously perfecting their knowledge.


Regardless of their age, REALTA brokers demonstrate sound judgment by making informed and smart decisions.


REALTA brokers, people of value.

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