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We are REALTA. A name that comes from a contraction of the word “real estate” and a play on the Spanish and Italian word for “altitude.” But for us, REALTA means “reality.”

A fitting name for an agency that strives to raise the bar for real estate while working with both feet firmly rooted in the reality of home buyers and sellers—along with their dreams, needs, and budgets—as well as the constraints of a market that is constantly changing.

Visit us on Van Horne Street in Outremont. And in case you’re wondering: We are particularly active in central Montreal, notably in Outremont, Côte-des-Neiges, the Plateau, Villeray, Rosemont and Old Montreal. We are also increasingly active on the north and south shores of Montreal.


To Be or Not to Be?

The great and unavoidable existential question.

REALTA was founded in January 2008 by François Bissonnette, who has been working in real estate brokerage since 1995. Working his way up the ladder with remarkable success from simple broker to certified broker, in the early 2000s François became the leader of a team working under a major real estate banner. “A strong team in a single large agency.”

Latitude and security: it was the best of both worlds!


“The heart wants what it wants”

Already active within the industry’s key professional bodies, François decided to create something that had never existed before: an agency that reflected the new values and habits of today’s consumers. His agency; no compromises.

The history of REALTA is really an anti-history. A love story! The belief that things could be done differently, and better. By combining efficiency and quality. Style, too.

Not to mention instinct…

Our industry is constantly evolving. And no one has a crystal ball. Instead, we listen to you and interact with you. We also work hard every day to improve, to better serve you, to better guess what you need. We thrive on blazing new trails in the emerging real estate market.

Thanks to our interactive listening skills, we instinctively know what to offer: reliable, valuable information—promptly, freely and without any obligation on your part—at the time and using the technology of your choice. Added-value our customers can benefit from.

When you contact an agency, you have already done some of the work: on the phone, on the Internet or by email. We know because we are listening carefully. Because of this, we have developed a unique approach that allows us to adapt our services to your specific needs. We work with you wherever you are in the process. As partners.

Our history is not an epic poem…

We are fully aware that we are now living in the age of “tailored” services. There are also new business models to assist homeowners who prefer to sell their homes on their own. These new players have expanded the pool of existing services available to consumers. This is a good thing! We saw this trend early on, and we adapted to this new reality.

How? By placing innovation, professionalism, integrity and respect for the environment at the core of our values—along with professional and community involvement. This is our trademark.

We offer professional, technical and personal support throughout the entire process of selling or buying a property. Plus, you are always able to reach us, which is an important value-added service. Our teamwork approach means our entire team is working on your behalf.

Whatever the challenge, we have the solution.

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