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Staircases, a symbol of Montreal

25 November 2019

Adored by tourists, dreaded in winter, and keeping brokers in great shape, Montreal’s outdoor staircases commonly draw mixed reactions. But the city would not be the same without them. Do you know the story behind our famous staircases? Parthenais Street There are a few theories for the existence of these eye-catching exterior stairs. One relates to the mid-19th century when rural ...

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Authenticity, character, and charm.

4 November 2019

Built at the turn of the 19th century, the 357 du Village in Repentigny is a breath of fresh air. This traditional Quebec farmhouse retains all the charming authenticity of its original structure and raw materials, tastefully enhanced with smart modern touches. A unique beauty oozing with character!     Jean-François and his family currently live in this ancestral home, which ...

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Le Christophe-Colomb, an unprecedented project.

15 October 2019

BACKGROUND Did you know that at this very moment, a construction team is hard at work at 7137-7141 Christophe Colomb on what promises to be an unprecedented project? Tanya has spent the last 20 years working as a construction contractor, developing projects for buildings that are “in need of love”. She has a knack for transforming these buildings into stunning modern creations. ...

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René Gagnon isn’t selling his home. He’s selling a way of life.

9 October 2019

Ninety-one-year-old globally renowned Quebec painter, René Gagnon has built an extraordinary estate that borders on the unreal. In 1969, he arrived at Anse-de-Roche in Sacré-Coeur, Quebec and instantly fell in love. “When I saw the place, I said to myself: ‘I’m going to die here,’” he says.   The original 700-acre lot was untouched at the time. No trails, no houses, ...

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421 chemin des Verdier. Beyond Compare.

9 October 2019

Familiar with Lac de la Cabane in St. Adolphe d’Howard? It was during one of his regular father-daughter walks that real estate project designer Guylain Verdier spotted it from the summit of the Calvaire trail. After three long years of searching for the ideal lakeside lot to build a family home, the perfect spot had finally revealed itself! On the lake was the former hunting ...

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Our Record-Setting Listing Goes Global !

16 April 2019

It’s not every day that a Quebec real estate agency announces the listing a $7.75 million property. For REALTA, this is a historic record. In Quebec, radio stations, major regional daily newspapers and even La Presse dedicated glowing reports to the property. On our website, the listing has attracted visitors not only from across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Europe, but as far away as ...

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Inauguration of the MIAM: Mission accomplished!

15 March 2019

A Memorable Evening It was evening of celebration on March 9th during the official inauguration of the International House of Puppetry Arts (MIAM). Among the 100-some attendees were two ardent promoters of the project: former Outremont mayor Marie Cinq-Mars and Louise Lapointe, General and Artistic Director of the Casteliers Festival. REALTA was proudly represented at the event by its ...

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REALTA and the Festival de Casteliers : a special bond

19 February 2019

REALTA: Major partner of the Festival de Casteliers Spring break in Outremont means the return of the popular family-friendly puppet theatre festival, the Festival de Casteliers.  For the 8th consecutive year, REALTA is proud to be one of the festival’s major partner.  As in past years, the facade of our Van Horne Street agency has been decorated for the Marionnettes en vitrines ...

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Authenticity and passion for architectural heritage

6 February 2019

  INTERVIEW WITH PATRICE BESSE You won’t find words like “First class”, “status” or “extremely rare”. Nor “sublime” or “must-see”. But what you will find are buildings teeming with authenticity. Some with beautiful stonework; some also steeped in history, and all that are a true pleasure to behold.” Patrice Besse heads the eponymous real estate group with ...

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Dominique Chatel is back!

10 January 2019

Long-time REALTA broker and highly-esteemed real estate professional Dominique Chatel never really left us. Especially where her heart is concerned! The many clients she continued to refer to us through her extensive network of contacts would testify to that. With 2019 promising to be particularly active, Dominique recently announced her full-time return to our now stronger-than-ever ...

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