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inforealta Vol. 9 | no. 3 | Finally Ready for Fall!

3 October 2017

Finally Ready for Fall! With record sales in 2017 that propelled REALTA well above the average of its competitors in the Greater Montreal region, how did the members of our team recharge their batteries over the summer? Here’s a tiny glimpse: Sébastien’s summer was certainly... prolific. He sold his condo, he bought a ...

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Matteo Sterzi is joining REALTA!

11 September 2017

REALTA is proud to announce that Matteo Sterzi is rejoining the team. A residential real estate broker since 2014, he will once again make his colleagues and the agency's clients benefit from his deep knowledge of the Montreal market and his rich entrepreneurial experience. Not to mention the contagious enthusiasm and the generosity that has always defined him. To find out more or get ...

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David Fontaine is joining REALTA!

19 May 2017

  As of today, Realta welcomes David Fontaine as the newest member of its team. David has been a residential broker since 2012 and adds to our team with his extensive knowledge of the montreal market. With performance and empathie at the root of his practice, Realta’s clients will benefit from David’s passsionate and profesional side.  Where does he get his dedication from ?  ...

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inforealta Vol. 9 | no 2 Double your chances of winning with REALTA!

16 May 2017

Double your chances of winning with REALTA! While residential sales for all brokers increased by 6%, REALTA saw its sales surge by an impressive 54%. This suggests that if you want to make the most of this favourable market, it pays to put your project in the hands of the city’s most successful team. Double your chances of winning! According to the Centris® database, residential ...

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inforealta Vol. 9 | no 1 Our reason for being

16 January 2017

Our reason for being. Some consumers like to play real estate broker and try to sell their property themselves. Others opt for consulting firms that charge fees for “à la carte” services. Still others shop around the traditional agencies to find the lowest-cost option. And then there are REALTA customers. Residential real estate is undergoing sweeping changes. When I founded ...

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