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What makes one real estate agent different from another? It’s primarily the added value of his or her service. At REALTA, of course, you benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the market. We also save you precious time, thanks to our strategic approach. But we also adopt a sensible and personalized method that, above all, takes your needs into account. For results that exceed your expectations.


What sets us apart:
• Personal handling of documents and transactions – in other words, a customized approach.
• Fair and honest evaluations of property market values.
• A unique marketing approach for selling properties.
• An unusual negotiating strategy that is intelligent and respectful, resulting from our vast management experience.
• A profound commitment to the profession. At REALTA, real estate is a true business and not just one of many ways of earning a living.


All the members of our team have received training in law, property evaluation, real estate mathematics and contract writing, in addition to having extensive knowledge of the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Year after year, they also follow an intensive training program created specifically for them by a firm specializing in customer service. Defying convention, these workshops are a far cry from the classic sales seminars rampant in the real estate industry.

The REALTA office is a reflection of you. You will feel right at home in our space, which is decidedly current and highly functional. We greet you in one of our two private meeting rooms equipped with high speed Internet and plasma screen. Confidentiality and tranquillity are assured. Viewing properties online and discussing your wants and needs have never been so enjoyable.

The members of our team have at their disposal a large arsenal of tools designed to answer specific needs.

Firstly, a modern website that provides, free of charge, pertinent information – without you having to sign up. Next, an information document that guides you step by step through the buying or selling process.

As it should be, our agents have access to the MLS® Multiple Listing Service®, the industry’s most powerful system. It effectively puts no less than 9,000 real estate agents and brokers to work for you.

One of our preferred tools is obviously advertising. But not just any advertising… A targeted ad that doesn’t waste time. For example, at REALTA, we always include the asking price and address of the properties for sale. That way, potential buyers can see right away if the property might be right for them. The result? Greater visibility among the right buyers, quicker reaction and results… and a lot less frustration!

But above all, nothing beats a solid network of contacts. Our team’s network truly makes the competition envious. Need we say more?

Our agents form a real team. Each agent knows every client’s profile and dossier – including those of their colleagues. Holidays, vacations, temporary absences – our clients don’t have to worry about such things because nothing will slow down your buying or selling efforts. There is always a trusted professional at our office who knows you, who can answer your questions and who can follow-up with you at any point during the process.

At REALTA, you’re never on your own. Our agents will steer you toward the best resource people, whether it’s a mortgage broker or a building inspector. What’s more, we accompany you during each step of the process, from start to finish.

Our team is comprised of handpicked professionals from various horizons and passionate backgrounds. From fashion to the hotel industry and even the luxury and food industries, each member brings to the group a unique set of skills and a certain refinement. In the end, this diversity creates a synergy of “good taste” which will have positive impacts on the marketing of your property.

François Bissonnette has developed his brand image with advertising that is modern, amusing and punchy. Unusual ads that conflict strongly with the industry’s usual conservatism.


• You will get a real sense of the current market and will be better able to determine your chances of selling quickly at a good price.
• You will truly understand what buyers are looking for in your neighbourhood and in properties similar to your own.
• You will avoid the many headaches related to the financial, legal and technical decisions that need to be made.
• You will profit from effective and targeted advertising strategies.
• You will have the assurance that all visits, follow-ups and analyses will be handled effectively.
• You can count on our team to assemble all legal documents and to accompany you to the notary.


From the moment François Bissonnette started working as a real estate agent in 1995, his career has seen terrific progress. From 1996 to 2002, he received a new RE-MAX distinction every year, each one more prestigious than the next.

In 2000, 2001 and 2002:
François Bissonnette earns the RE-MAX Platinum Award.

In 2003:
He creates the François Bissonnette team. From that very first year, he and his members rank among the 10 highest performing teams in the province.
François Bissonnette becomes a member of the prestigious RE-MAX Chairman Club, which highlights the extraordinary performance of less than 1% of all RE-MAX agents worldwide.

In 2004:
François Bissonnette is a member of the prestigious RE-MAX Chairman Club.

In 2005:
3rd ranking RE-MAX team on the island of Montreal.
6th ranking team in the province.
François Bissonnette is a member of the prestigious RE-MAX Chairman Club.
François Bissonnette receives the RE-MAX Lifetime Achievement trophy, which rewards agents who have accumulated more than $3 million dollars in commission earnings.

In 2006:
3rd ranking RE-MAX team on the island of Montreal.
8th ranking team in the province.
François Bissonnette is a member of the prestigious RE-MAX Chairman Club.

In 2007:
François Bissonnette receives the prestigious RE-MAX Diamond Award, which honours the exceptional work of a handful of real estate agents in Quebec.

January 1, 2008:
François Bissonnette and his team launch REALTA. A new adventure toward the summit begins.

“I heard that a new real estate banner, REALTA, has been created in Montreal. This is a gesture of great maturity that will contribute to enriching the market, particularly because the agents associated with this name are seasoned professionals. Heartfelt congratulations, François and Anne-Marie! Discriminating clients stick with the best. Looking forward to seeing you again!”

― Diane and Pierre-André

“Not easy, launching consecutively into the sale and purchase of a condo when you’re alone and new to the field. The REALTA team saved my life! They understood my needs exactly. I felt like I was being guided and supported, with complete confidence, throughout the entire process. And I was able to find that rare pearl, an apartment that went beyond my wildest dreams. Today, I refer REALTA to all my friends!”
― Carole

“Between our busy working schedules, we had little time to look for a new home – in a highly competitive market. François Bissonnette and Félix Jasmin impressed us with their efficiency and professionalism. The entire team listened to our needs as well. In less than 10 days, we found the home of our dreams. And thanks to Felix’s sharp negotiating skills, we were able to quickly come to an agreement. No detail was overlooked and we have the peace of mind of knowing that we dealt with professionals for the biggest investment of our lives.”
― Julie and Paul-André
1295, AVENUE VAN HORNE, OUTREMONT (QC) CANADA H2V 1K5  |  T 514 789 2889  |